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A 2-minute saliva test to screen for azotemia 


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Low cost screening test


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Quick and non-invasive

Dog with kidney, box around kidney of cat, target kidney, screen kidney

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Wet the test in the animal's mouth by rubbing on gums or under tongue

Read the result by determining which colour best matches the pad

Kidney-Chek™ test strip, for cats, for dogs, salivary screening test out of package
Cat mouth, cat teeth, cat saliva, saliva
Kidney-Chek test scoring system, colours assosicated with test strips results

2 minutes

Give pet owners peace of mind in 2 minutes

Improve your clinic's screening process 

Recent studies have shown that saliva urea correlates with blood urea in both acute and chronic kidney disease and can be used to screen for azotemia. 

vet or vet tech assessing cat in the vet clinic, family with their pet at vet clinic
Cat with kidney, box around kidney of cat, target kidney, screen kidney

Kidney-Chek™ measures salivary urea to catch azotemia in both cats and dogs!

Kidney-Chek™ is a clinically proven*, patent pending salivary urea test designed to detect azotemia in companion animals.


It is a simple, non-invasive, and more affordable option to screen for kidney issues between regular veterinary exams.

*Published in the Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation.

Kidney-Chek™ interpretation

We worked with small animal internal medicine experts to design a simple algorithm for the clinic.

Download our expert-designed clinical workflow (
cats / dogs) or
contact us and we'll send you a free laminated copy to put in your clinic.

For cats:

kidney-chek for cats colour scoring sheet, kidney check test strip, saliva urea test strip
Kidney-Chek Clinical Flowchart, a clinical flowchart that describes how to use Kidney-Chek saliva urea test strip for dogs and cats in veterinary clinics. Flowchart for use of saliva urea in a clinical setting for cats.

USG: urine specific gravity

RI: reference interval

BUN: blood urea nitrogen

PU/PD: polyuria/polydipsia

IRIS: International renal interest society

Clinically proven

Read our peer-reviewed publication here.

Kidney-Chek™ was evaluated as a rapid, non-invasive method to screen for azotemia. The test is a semi-quantitative method that assesses 7 levels of saliva urea concentration, and indirectly serum urea, from < 3 to > 17 mmol/L. Ninety-two dogs (14 azotemic) and 56 cats (16 azotemic) were enrolled. Saliva urea was compared to serum urea and the sensitivity and specificity calculated for detecting serum urea above the upper limit of the reference interval.

kidney-chek clinical study results

It is recommended that Kidney-Chek™ be used as an exclusion test with additional investigation for dogs with a test strip reading of 9-11 mmol/L and higher, and for cats with a test strip reading of 12-14 mmol/L and higher.


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