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What is Kidney-Chek and why do you need it?

Early detection of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the most important step in treating your pet and keeping them healthy, yet this can be difficult, as clinical signs are easy to miss and often don’t become obvious until the later stages of CKD. Thankfully, Kidney-Chek™ can help, with a faster, more affordable and non-invasive saliva screening test you can use at home!

Your pet has a higher risk of having undiagnosed Kidney Disease if they ...

  • Are 7 years or older

  • Do not see a vet annually

  • Are on a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for pain management

  • Are on medication for hyperthyroidism

  • Are showing signs such as increased thirst and urination

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Cat with chronic kidney disease
Cat with chronic kidney disease

"The Kidney-Chek saliva tests were easy to order and use! When I tested Fuzzer & Beatrice, I was relieved to see that their test readings were in the normal range.

As the owner of a cat lodge that houses 18 cats, affordable health monitoring tools like this are SO valuable!"


Pet parent & Owner of Catmint Lodge


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How to use Kidney-Chek

3 simple steps

Buy your Kidney-Chek™ strip for use at home

Wet the test in the animal's mouth by rubbing on gums or under tongue

Read the result by determining which colour best matches the pad

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2 minutes

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Our story

sn biomedical was founded in a garage in Leduc, Alberta by Dr. Hillary Sweet (left) and Dr. Matthew Nickel (middle) in 2019 shortly after graduating from their PhDs at the University of Alberta.


Hillary and Matthew met in 2014 while doing their PhDs under one of Canada's top biomedical engineers, Dr. Robert Burrell, and have been working together ever since.


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